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Europe roaming charges … is this the end?

Europe roaming charges may end for inbound calls by July 2014

Roaming Charges in Europe Nellie Kroes

European Commission reforms are being proposed to reduce consumer charges and make life easier for operators.

Roaming charges within the 28 member states would be eliminated for inbound calls from July 2014 and outbound calls by 2016.

Operators would either have to charge customers the same price for all calls across the EU or allow them to switch providers for the period they are abroad – without having to change their SIM.

The new proposal also includes measures to harmonize regulation across all 28 EU member states and end the “national market approach” by 2016.

Not only will Europe roaming charges be finished, the commission proposal also gives consumers the right to a 12 month contact rather than the longer terms operators are now proposing.  An additional carrot for the consumers is the right to walk away from their contacts if they are not given the internet speed promised.

How regulators might measure and enforce internet speed promised vs delivered will be interesting.

Perhaps the OOKLA Speed test will become the tool of choice for the regulators?

According to the commission consumers are frustrated they do not have full and “fair” access to internet and mobile services …

It’s not clear that the European Parliament will vote in favor of Nellie Kroes’s proposal but it is clear the Commission is far from happy with the telecom status quo.

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