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iPhone 5 feature slap!

Apple vs AndroidAs smartphones become more and more all singing and all dancing … consumers are chasing features and then experiencing “feature slap”…

Apple claims the high road for design, innovation, best of breed engineering, ease of use,  user experience, and expects to garner the absolute best of the smartphone profit margins.

Their products “just work”. . . or do they?

The new iPhone 5S coupled with iOS7 is trying to raise the bar for smartphone technology – finger print scanner, location favorites, A7 64 bit processor, M7 motion co-processor, the new iSight Camera, and a complete refresh of iOS.

Feature slap is when consumers buy something with the expectation that it works only to find out their early adaption of new piece of technology does not quite work as promised.

Some iPhone 5 feature slaps … and a definite hit …

Hit …

iPhone 5S Camera Dual FlashCamera and dual flash

Apple got this one right.

While not winning the mega pixel war the new iPhone 5S clearly takes good pictures – period.  Why?

Mega pixels are not the whole story.

Digital images are not just about the number of mega pixels, they are about light, how you capture it, how you process it, and how you present the final image.

The iPhone 5S deals with light – not mega pixels.  The iSight Camera features:

  • A wider aperture (f2.2) this lets in more light,
  • A bigger sensor which captures more of the light let in,
  • A new dual flash allows for better image color tones (one is white the other is amber),
  • A new ISP (Image Signal Processor) designed by Apple, this allows for faster image processing, focus, and provides a “burst mode”,
  • In burst mode new software algorithms work to analyze the sequence of shots and actually offers the best one,
  • A new version of image stabilization takes 4 pictures (instead of just 1) and then evaluates each image to select the best elements (eyes open or closed?  face blurred or sharp …) the end result is a new combined image featuring the best elements of the burst shots – sharp, clear, and best of all it really does work.

Miss … iOS 7 / iPhone 5 feature slaps

iphone 5S fingerprintFinger Print Scanner

Early reports are stating – it works great when you start but after? An initial poster in the Apple Support Touch ID thread tells about his problems and a visit to the Genius at Apple.

  • “For phase one, start by putting the meat of the finger being registered on the button for the first picture taken.
  • Then put the finger back down and before it hits the button, roll it up on the left edge, at about a 45 degree angle, then put it on the button,
  • Then repeat by rolling up the right edge at a 45 degree angle,
  • Then tip up the front of the finger and place it down (not too angled up),
  • Then start the 4 step cycle again until the iPhone tells you it is now ready for you to adjust your grip. At this point, put your finger down at the angle you will attempt to unlock the phone. Then move it a little here and there on the button, until it says you have success.
  • I have had 20 straight successes, and counting. My wife has tried it and has had about a 95% success rate.

Apples new partner the NSA?As this wasn’t enough Top Information Post, a right wing satire site, posted on the 25th of September that “Apple admits, iPhone 5S Fingerprint Database to be shared with NSA” … huh???

For more color there are two satire posts on the National Report site:  Apple iOS 7 update gives law enforcement unlimited access to user’s personal data and Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint database to be shared with NSA,

Tongue and cheek?  Ok we got you going.  On the 27th the Guardian published “No Apple hasn’t said it will share a fingerprint database with the NSA”.   Enough said?  Look at Apple’s new location services, “learning your favorite locations” and serving us ads Google style.

The question does come up … what are we actually sharing with Apple about ourselves and why.

iPhone 5 iPhone 5S compass

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S side by side showing different compass readings

Motion Sensor

Gizmodo doesn’t put to fine of a point on their current evaluation:

The iPhone 5S motion sensors are totally screwed up! 

  • The level read out is between 2 and 3 degrees off in the iPhone 5S, perfect in the iPhone 5 – not something you want to use for your favorite DIY project,
  • The Gyroscope and compass appear to be out, the compass by as much as 10 degrees, in the case of the photo … do the math .. you don’t want to use an iPhone 5S compass to find your way home unless your looking for a novel excuse for your wife as to why you are late.

The fact that the problem does not show up in an iPhone 5 seems to indicate that it is a factory calibration problem.

iPhone 5 / iOS 7 Wallpaper

iOS 7 Wallpaper container dimensions

Parallax and zoom

Apple loves the new zoom and parallax function, the question is do you? Believe who you want but the Apple Support Forum is filled with users complaining of motion sickness.  Fox News spoke to Dr George Kikano from Ohio who stated:  “There’s some validity to this for people who are susceptible to motion sickness”.  Again, not everybody is complaining, Apple is a big target and the internet pundits do just love to pile in.

For a rational view see the Guardian’s article “Why iOS7 is making some users sick”.  Reactions to screen based systems are not new.  At this time you can’t turn it all off, only parallax, zooming and sliding are features that for now are embeded.

As Apple is a company concerned about accessibility (and has actually done a lot in this area) look for a heightened awareness from our friends at Apple and a fix in the not to distant future.

For a good post on how to deal with parallax and wall paper under iOS 7 see Oh my pizza.

See the container sizes in the article to see how to correctly make wall paper for iOS7.

Battery drain

Again the issue is uneven with some users saying “Great improved” others saying “Power Hungry – Awful”.  New new iOS 7 “features” use power.  If your having issues with your battery here’s where some of the battery drain is located:

  • Background application refresh, all those free and paid for applications are trying to verify and update their versions, to turn this off:
    • Settings > General > Background App Refresh. You can turn it off entirely, or turn it off for select apps.
    • You can also switch off background app updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and scrolling down to the Automatic Downloads section and toggling Updates to off.
  • Disable Parallax
    • Settings > General > Accessibility – Reduce Motion
  • Switch off location services
    • Settings > Privacy > Location Services – Eliminate auto-brightness
  • Auto-Brightness
    • Settings>Wallpapers & Brightness – Off
  • AirDrop – great feature for sharing but it does not always have to be on
    • Control Center – Turn off AirDrop
  • Bluetooth and WiFi
    • Select one or both but these services are using up your battery always looking for devices to connect to.  Use the Control Center to easily turn these features off when you are not looking for a device to connect to.
  • Frequent Locations – your iPhone (and Apple!) wants to learn about you and “help” you (by serving location information and potentially Apple ads).  This service eats battery life and some people feel it is an invasion of their privacy.
    • Settings > Privacy > Location Services – all the way at the bottom System Services, there you can select Location Based iAds (Ads from Apple based on your Frequent Locations!) and Frequent Locations.
  • Don’t use moving backgrounds
    • Change your iPhone’s wall paper to a static image or one of your own photo’s
    • Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness (see Oh my pizza for how to generate static wallpaper (even if you use your own image) and how to deal with the challenges.

One of the best reviews of iPhone / iOS 7 issues and what to do is from Digital Trends follow the link for their review.

Another excellent review can be found on News Com AU “Really simple fixes for your iOS7 problems

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