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My first time … broken iPhone SmartPhone stories

Broken iPhone storiesiPhone 5 Screen Repair

iPhone and SmartPhone sales are booming.

Every time a new iPhone is launched customers line up to purchase the latest from Apple, Samsung, HTC …  from the first day a second line forms to have the phone repaired.

Accidents happen … Most of us spend more time with this device than our significant other.

My first time … are the stories of how, when, and where your iPhone or SmartPhone first was broken.

Tell us your story.

Each month we will award the winning story a 50% off coupon for their phone repair.

To be eligible for the coupon

  • You must register on our site in order to participate
  • We will judge and select the stories inclusion, if we select yours we will notify you
  • If your story is selected as the best we will notify you and provide you with the coupon number at the time we notify you
  • Please note – we are the sole judge of the stories – its our site and our decision
  • You can submit as many stories as you like, if you win you will receive a coupon for each winning story but please note – if you have multiple coupons – only 1 coupon can be used for a repair.
  • Coupons are viable for 6 months from the time we notify you that you have won
  • You can use the coupon for your friends or your family’s repair if you wish, the only rules are it’s your coupon therefore the repair must be  done in your name, only one coupon maybe used for a repair, you cannot accumulate multiple coupons then apply multiple coupons for a repair … reasonable?
  •  If you wish to have us remove your story at a later date please contact us via email at – sorry but if we remove your winning story your coupon will no longer be viable.

Contact us for all your iPhone and SmartPhone Questions and Repairs

(Note:  the phone you request to repair must be repairable ok?)
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