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iPhone SmartPhone Repair … what to look for

iPhone SmartPhone Repair … what to look for 

The first iPhone was a giant leap forward in design and function, but it was not designed to be fixed.  With the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS screens and some parts were easier to access and repair but batteries?

With the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Apple moved to a “back to front design”.  From a repair standpoint Apple now reversed the problem … the battery – easy!  the screen …  With the iPhone 5 durability and reparability were design considerations, delicate chips are covered with epoxy, boards anchor connectors and wires, the home button is bracketed down and easy to replace, even the dock has 2 more screws than the iPhone 4s.

All SmartPhones have challenges with their repairability … some repairs are easier than others …

iPhones and SmartPhones break, control buttons fail, batteries go dead …

Some estimate that 1 in 4 iPhones and SmartPhones are broken …

30% of iPhone and SmartPhone owners damage their phone in some way in the first 12 months,

1 in 6 iPhone and SmartPhone owners damage their phone more than once …

1 in 3 iPhone and SmartPhone owners never plan to fix their phone.

Repair services and Do It Yourself repairs are here to stay.

If you are planning to do your repair yourself here are some questions you should ask: 

    1:  Can I actually do this repair myself?

  • Look at … they have guides for every type of repair and are totally honest about the complexity and how long it might take.

  2:  Where will I get my parts?

  • eBay is full of advertisements for iPhone and SmartPhone parts, some are totally reliable … others “let the buyer beware …”
  • There are reputable parts suppliers which provide good warrantee’s, guides for repair, reasonable prices, and fast shipping.
  • Look at the end of this page for links for suppliers we have tested for quality, shipping, warrantee, and customer service.  (please note we do not warrantee these suppliers, we have simply worked with them and found their parts and services to be good.

3:   What will I do if I can’t finish the repair or do more damage than I fixed …

  • Contact us via the form below and we will be glad to look at your device and provide you with a free estimate to put it back together.


What to ask your repair service 

    1:  Where do your parts come from,

Don’t be afraid to ask your service where the parts they use come from.  It’s your phone and you will have to live with what ever they put inside it.  You can find high quality parts on Amazon and eBay … but this is not the normal route for a repair service.  We not only offer our own warrantee, but our suppliers also warrantee the parts we use.

    2:  What is your warrantee policy,

We warrantee all of our work, repairs and parts for 6 months.

    3:  How long will my repair take and how much it will cost,

Prices should be listed on their FaceBook Page or WebSite.

Pricing is often a deciding factor.  Repair service pricing can vary greatly but the old adage “if it’s to good to be true – it probably isn’t” certainly applies.

Time for repair should be estimated and agreed up front.

Not all repairs can be done while you wait, some repairs required heavy diagnostics, the number of repairs in front of yours can increase the wait time, sometimes parts are not in stock and need to be ordered … make sure your repair expectations are agree to upfront.

    4:  We break it … we replace it …

What happens if your device is broken and becomes un repairable during the repair.

Accidents do happen, even with a professional repair service.  For this reason you should always be certain you have backed up your device before sending it in for repair no one can replace your data.  It’s not easy to tell the customer you made a mistake, if we break it during repair – we replace it – it’s as simple as that.  So don’t be afraid to ask your provider – hey what happens if you break my device during repair.


Supplier links where parts can be ordered for Do It Yourself Repairs


Parts 4 iPodsUK
ETrade SupplyUSA / China
eTech PartsUSA





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