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iPhone SmartPhone Parts – iRedCord

iPhone SmartPhone Parts – iRedCord

iPhone Control ButtonsiRedCord extensively tests our iPhone and SmartPhone parts supply chain to ensure our suppliers and repair parts are the best quality we can find.  

We back the quality of our parts and services with our 6 month return and warrantee policy.  

We will not use parts which are factory seconds nor will we use parts which do not meet our quality standards.


In our “iPhone SmartPhone Parts and Partners” Section on the menu to the left you can find our page on “iPhone SmartPhone Repair … what to look for” …

This article outlines key questions to ask if your looking for someone to repair your device or planning to “do it yourself”.

One of the key questions to ask when you buy parts or repair services is:   Where do your iPhone SmartPhone parts come from …


Here are some of our key parts suppliers


ETrade Supply   



We are always testing new suppliers and as we find good suppliers we will update this page.


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