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iPhone 5S what is being said …

It’s early days for the iPhone 5S what is being said?

Here are two pieces on what is being said by the pundits …

iPhone 5S Gold

iPhone 5S Gold

 GIZMODO  Apple iPhone 5S:  everything you need to know

Gizmodo opens with:  Apple’s new flagship iPhone 5S looks exactly like the iPhone 5 looked last year but with improved internals and guts, and oh yes, it also has a finger printer scanner (in the Home Button).

The new A7 processor is a 64 bit chip, the first in a SmartPhone.  The chip makes the phone 2x faster (on paper) than the old iPhone 5.

The new dual LED flash on the iPHone camera might actually make the flash usable.  One LED is white and the other amber which can help make your pictures look more natural.

While the camera remains at 8 megapixels the aperture and larger sensor mean the camera has 1/3 greater light sensitivity which should make for better pictures.

Battery life is slightly better.  Gizmodo says 10 hours of browsing on LTE and 250 hours standby (who stand’s by with a GSM for 10 days?) which is a small technical improvement over the iPhone 5.  (8 hours LTE browsing / 225 hours standby)


CNET    iPhone 5S hands on:  3 colors, new specs

CNET is kind in their review

They find the finger print scanner “rescues Apple’s reputation as a smartphone maker with cutting edge features …

The gold is “pale and shimmery, just like champagne”,

For the display (1,136×640 / 326 ppi) they quote Apple that this resolution is “beyond the sweet spot saturation level and higher pixel density ceases to matter”,

The iPhone 5S does have a hot chip the new A7 which has plenty of graphics and CPU muscle, technically the iPhone 5S with OpenGL ES has the potential to be one of the best performing smartphones on the market.

Battery time is up, but how much on LTE networks Apple doesn’t say,

Camera and Video, most smartphones have more megapixels than Apple, but apple has improved the logic, white balance, a new dual tone LED flash, a new 5 element lens, 15% more real estate on the sensor, so you will get better pictures than the iPhone 5.

CNET does confess that the iPhone 5S is “a little same old, same old when it comes to design and features”.



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