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iPhone 5C iPhone 5S news … Google is dancing

iPhone 5C iPhone 5S news has Google’s management dancing in the street.

Apple remains perhaps the greatest supply chain company in consumer electronics.

The company appears to have stumbled and lost the attached Design and Product Innovation side of their business since Tim Cook took the helm.

Some are saying Apple does not really need to compete in the low end market and low end phones will only devalue the brand.

Others are saying Apple does not need to release a new innovative phone at this time, iPhone sales are just fine thank you.

Hard to believe Steve Jobs would have thought this way.

Android KitKat Statue

Android KitKat

The new iPhone is neither sexy nor leaping  forward with innovations.

iPhone 5C news is decidedly luke warm.

Given the march of Androids and Xiaomi it would appear that the design and innovation baton for SmartPhones is being passed to Google and points east.

Here is our review of the new Xiaomi MI3 Snapdragon announced just before Apple announced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Here are two news articles you should read, one about the Xiaomi and the other from The Street … 


The Street Anton WahlmanGoogle Laughs at the new iPhonesGoogle’s management team is dancing around it’s new KitKat statue today having dogged a bullet or two from Apple.   Apple’s recent iPhone product launch provides nothing new that can top Google’s market share march forward.   Another company having a field day is Nokia, the new iPhone 5C is a seemingly flawless copy of the Nokia 620 … and oh … that Nokia 620 cost is approximately ½ of the 5C.

Move over Apple … Android’s are on the march …  For the complete article please follow the link below.!
Xiaomi SmartPhone

Xiaomi SmartPhone


Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi “Little Rice”


TechCrunch Catheine ShuXiaomi, What Americans Need to KnowXiaomi – most Europeans never heard of this “SmartPhone”.  It is the low cost SmartPhone leader in China.  Currently this phone is only sold in China but recently Xiaomi has hired Hugo Barra as VP of Xiaomi Global which is a clear sign the company plans entry into the global market soon.  Bara was Google’s former VP of product management for Android.   Its track record of rapid growth and savvy marketing means that it may not be long before Xiaomi, which means “little rice” in Mandarin Chinese, starts making a big footprint in the U.S. smartphone market.   Xiaomi Tech was founded just 3 years ago and they expect to sell 20 million phones in 2013.

Move over Apple – little rice is coming …  For the complete article please follow the link below.



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